Village Gossip...

Sarah Sharpe has found her replacement as editor of the Messenger (I'll leave Di to introduce herself in the April edition).

There's the Parish Council AGM on 14th May, if you want to have your say contact the Clerk for your bit to be included on the agenda. I'm going to pop along to keep an eye on Andrew Burt and see what he actually does!

There appears to be a lot of activity over at the Suffolk Wildlilfe Trust reserve, preparing footpaths and bridges. I know they'd planned on a visitor car park and entrance along Tostock road so watch this space!

I was considering adding a "Day in the lift of..." piece here, or something similar - if you have any ideas of local folk we could highlight let me know! (I think I'll start with the outgoing editor of the Norton Messenger!)

If you'd like to add anything to the 'Latest Village News' page then drop me an email to:

If I don't get any contributions I'll happily ramble on and fill this space with whatever takes my fancy!


Thank you!