The Parish Council is made up of ordinary members of the public who live in the area. They are elected by villagers to represent the best interests of the village and it’s people. The council usually meets on the first Monday of every month.

Anyone can attend to raise issues or observe. Anyone with practical suggestions or thoughts on how to make Norton an even more pleasant place to live or visit would be welcomed.


Andrew Burt (Chairman) – Tel: 01359 408538

Kirsten Fullam (Vice Chairman) – Tel: 01359 245003

Jillian Rowland (Clerk) – 01359 240915

Brian Aket – 01359 232025

Paula Blackmore

Penny Croft – 01359 230031

David Etchells-Butler – 01359 231673

Penny Mathieson – 01359 232472

Lesley Paris – 01359 232704

Mid Suffolk District Councillors

Sarah Mansel – 01359 241857

J. Levantis

County Councillors

Jane Storey – 01359 240555


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Norton Parish Plan

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