Remembrance Sunday will take place on Sunday ,8th November at the Memorial on the Dog Car Park at 10.45 am ( please note the different time to normal).

There will not be a service at the Church later. We have a Government exemption for this event, as long as we follow the guidelines. A risk assessment has been drafted and I ask you to follow the following: There will be two tables set out for one person from each group to record their name and contact details. This will be kept for 21 days only. Sanitiser will be provided on these tables. Face coverings are recommended but not obligatory. Keep to the social distance rules. Tape markers will be on the ground to show you where to stand. A family and bubble may stand in a group. A person with one other may stand together. These are the only combinations. Wreaths must be placed using the social distance rule. At the end of the short service you must disperse immediately. Obviously, do not shake hands and hug. Katherine Valentine and I have liaised about this event and we hope that everyone will keep safe.

David Etchells-Butler. Chairman. Parish Council